Viewing finances made simple

Real time aggregation of financial asset information for individuals, businesses and financial institutions

Finvu App features

Link and view all asset accounts like savings accounts, fixed deposits, equities, mutual funds, insurance, etc on your smart phone.

Safe. Secure, data with you

Information is securely pulled from your accounts, encrypted and stored on your mobile.

Use offline and sync anytime

View stored data offline and sync on demand.

Manage your consents

Always know with whom you have shared data. Finvu helps to view and manage your consents.

Quick linking with your accounts

Add and link your accounts instantly and securely.

Aggregator agnostic integration.

Use Finvu ConnectHub to integrate with Account Aggregators.

Finvu ConnectHub is a product for financial institutions to integrate with Account Aggregators for account linking and customer consent based information sharing.

It is an on premise system that serves as a middleware between the financial institution such as bank, insurance company, demat depository services, etc and Finvu aggregator server (or other Account Aggregators).

An intuitive User Interface for easy administration of registered Account Aggregators. Administrators of the hub are financial institution users who can monitor and track traffic to/from Account Aggregators.

Performs consent verification by verifying the customer e-sign before sharing any data and overall conforms to the prescribed Account Aggregator guidelines.

Facilitates exchange of secure real time financial information to Account Aggregators. Provides a standard and secure REST (REpresentational State Transfer) based API interface for integration.

Secure and Encrypted Data

Protection of your data is our highest priority. Finvu uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling account information.

All connections between your device, our servers and financial institutions are protected using 2048-bit SSL certificates with 256 bit TLS Encryption.

When requesting data from financial institutions, bank-level security with read only access is utilized. No account credentials are stored and we hence never have access to make any changes to your accounts.

Financial data is encrypted at source (ConnectHub) and Account Aggregator(s) do not have the ability to view your financial information.

We take your consent when linking your accounts with financial institutions. Only a valid consent is always used when getting your account data from financial institutions.

Using data analytics several business solutions can be designed for lenders, wealth managers, investment advisors and financial institutions.

Flexible Savings & Investments

With the aggregated financial information, institutions can use data analytics to offer flexible savings and investment products.

Loan Decisions

Lender assistance solutions for smarter decisions on loan approvals and disbursements by using the aggregated financial information.

Cross Selling Products

The Financial aggregator can be used as a direct channel for cross selling of products from financial institutions.

Become a Partner

Financial institutions can partner with us to provide more services for customers. Please reach out to below email for enquiries.

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